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We're not big on "name dropping," but, in case your curious, here are some of the celebrities that we coach.

Learn the secrets that celebrities use to nail their performances!

Our On Camera MasterClass held by working actor/director, Jonathan Stanley, will help you take your acting and your auditions to a whole new level!

Here are some of the tools you will learn in class.

  • Acting for the "close up", as well as all the other various framing sizes.

  • Script analysis. Character analysis.

  • Listening and reacting to your fellow actor.

  • How and when to use props in a scene.

  • Eye lines. Where to look during a scene and why.

  • Speech volume, tempo, etc.

Actors can either bring their own scene or request one from teacher.  Monologues are fine too. If providing your own scene please keep under 3 minutes.

 Classes are held at 'Cynthia Bain Studio'

      12265 Ventura Ct, Studio City, CA 91604

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