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Jonathan's Coaching Clients


Wednesday, Beetlejuice

Truly the best! Jonathan has not only created a freeing

space for actors but also a comfortable environment.


     Anderson Silva
UFC Hall of Fame Fighter

I met Jonathan in 2020. After an intense, but fun, acting session, I made him my acting coach. I now bring him to every movie set to keep me confident and my performance honest. We are like brothers!



Arrow,  The Walking Dead


Jonathan takes all the 'fluff' out of the creative process and allows you to simply be at ease in your work. With him, you are receiving a masterclass not only in acting but in the psychology of scene work. Jonathan is a breath of fresh air and a true asset to any actor, no matter the stage in their career. 



The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

I stumbled upon Jon's studio one night by accident and I'm grateful to have found him because I ended up booking the biggest job of my career.  His studio has an inviting homey vibe and the production quality is fantastic, but Jon is the real product here. He truly cares. He's indefatigable, palpably passionate about any and all material, and will go above and beyond to help you create a tape that is worthwhile and interesting.



           NIDA KHURSHID

 The Winchesters,  Station 19

Jonathan has always been such a wonderful resource in finding the magic in scenes and helping transfer that magic onto the camera. He brings out the best in actors by bringing his best daily and delivers high-quality coaching and taping every single time. Truly a transformative experience, 10/10.


Casey D.jpg


 In The Dark, Teen Wolf

Before working with Jonathan, I rarely felt confident with my self-tapes. He has helped inspire my love for acting again. I couldn't imagine putting anything on tape without his help and guidance.

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